I finished my yard work and stripped for my shower. My old bones were aching. It was really a chore to mow the yard and take care of the lawn, especially in this hot Texas sun. The cooling waters were such a wonderful refreshment. I dried, dressed and prepared to relax in front of the television to watch the Cubs play ball. As I began to sit down, I remembered that I had not gone to the mailbox to get the mail. So, I arose from the couch, bones creaking, and walked to the cluster of mailboxes where our mail was delivered.

I had no expectations as I opened the box and pulled out the collection of mail. But glaring out at me in the 10 x 14 white envelope was the bold letters. “YOU HAVE REACHED LEVEL 5.”

The excitement overwhelmed me. I had done it. I had reached Level 5. I didn’t know what I had reached level 5 of, but I had indeed reached it. I literally danced all the way home, barely able to contain my shouts of joy, so that I could rip the envelope open and see what I had accomplished.

I shouted to my wife as I entered the front door. “I made it! I made it! I reached the kitchen table and grasped the envelope and threw the remainder of the mail on the table as my eager fingers began to rip open the large white envelope. I began to read, “Congratulations, you have reached level 5 and as a result, you are now eligible to purchase this valuable Accident Insurance from Stickit 2U Insurance Company.

Accident Insurance! Purchase! Imagine the disappointment? I thought I had accomplished a great feat. And all they wanted was for me to spend my money, what little I had, on something that would never benefit me. Accident insurance? At my age, I would more likely die of old age than an accident. If I had reached Level 5 and this is what I got, I wondered what one was entitled to at levels 1-4. What a let-down. Isn’t there anything in life that you can depend on?

I sat down to let my disappointment wane. And then I remembered. Yes! There is something! And I reached for my ever-reliable cup of The Enjoyable Grind Coffee. One sip and the sharp edges of disappointment were gone. It is good to know there is something we can really count on.

Dwayne Collins


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