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Fair Trade and organically shade grown, world’s best-selling coffee.




Organically shade grown, the Columbian Supremo is a world best-selling coffee. It is the highest-grade Colombian coffee. This is the coffee that common brands try to emulate but fail. Roasted to perfection, this coffee is not just for breakfast. The Supremo presents hint of chocolate with a medium body and clean finish. It provides a balanced of bright acidity and caramel with a smooth aftertaste.


  1. James D Grisham (verified owner)

    The Colombian Supremo whole bean coffee is a delight. A few key considerations when drinking this coffee: reverse osmosis water was used, beans were grinded at time of use, temperature was ensured to be above 200, and two different brewing methods were used (drip using a Technivorm Moccamaster and French Press), no additions (sugar, creamer, or otherwise).

    Aroma was enough to bring about strong curiosity on taste, both when the beans are grinded and when hot water mixes with the grind. It was everything you’d expect from a Colombian coffee. Upon your first sip, it is smooth, a bit sweet, and clean with a nice after taste. Given that this is shade grown, your expectations must be set for a light spicy spark that only high altitude and temperatures can provide from that region. This is a well balanced coffee. As I mentioned, drinking this coffee straight, the full body is a bit lingering and smooth. I didn’t detect much bitterness, but this is likely because of my brewing method, water to bean ratio, saturation time, and quality of water. Is it an excellent coffee for morning or afternoon? Absolutely. I’ll certainly order this in batch. Since I’ve brewed the coffee both ways, I’d lean more towards French Press for the absolute blissful experience this coffee can provide.

    • Dwayne Collins

      Thank you very much for your comments. It is clear that you enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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