October is here and like every other month, October signifies something special. Just as December means Christmas, January means New Years and February means Valentine’s Day, etc., October means the end of those hot sticky days of summer and the changing of the color of the leaves to beautiful shades of Autumn. It also means the German celebration of Octoberfest. And the celebration of Octoberfest means the drinking of beer, which perhaps leads one to believe the favorite drink of Germany is beer. But…Did You Know, the favorite drink of Germany is coffee.

Octoberfest began in 1810 when the citizens of Munich were invited to attend the festivities surrounding the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig. This led to an annual celebration and the consumption of beer grew and was the mainstay. Today, when Octoberfest is celebrated, huge amounts of beer are consumed, and one is led to believe that Germany’s favorite beverage is beer. But that is not the case. Beer is actually the third favorite beverage. In 2013, Germans consume an average of 165 liters of coffee per person compared to 140 liters of water and 107 liters of beer.

Germany has become the third largest coffee consuming country after only the USA and Brazil. Furthermore, among the European countries, they are by far, the largest coffee importing country. In 2017, Germany imported 1.1 million tons or 37 percent of the total imports. Italy was second with only 552,000 tons.

And finally, there is a reason why coffee has become Germany’s favorite drink. Not only is it considered as a mental stimulant, but it is also considered to be an emotional stimulant. According to new research, 60% of Germans say drinking coffee makes them happier. Additionally, 43% say they would have a hard time starting their day without coffee.

So, now that October is here, and thoughts of Germany and drinking beer comes to mind, think about Germany’s favorite drink, coffee. And start your day with a great cup of coffee from The Enjoyable Grind.

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