Yesterday was my 23 rd wedding anniversary and I realized how important my marriage has been on the  role that I have as a father to my boys. I remember about 8 years ago sitting at my table contemplating quitting a job because I was not able to be at home enough to be a father to my kids. My other concern was providing for my family and giving my wife the security that she needed. I expressed those concerns to her and she proceeded to tell me that I didn’t need to worry because God would provide for us.


She told me that the role of being a father to my children was much more important than trying to maintain a life style. Having that support from my wife and the peace from God was all I needed to make that decision. That was a defining moment in my life when it came to being a father to my boys. I realized that as much as I love being a pilot, I love being a dad. They disappoint me at times but that is completely overshadowed by the pride that I have in them and their accomplishments in life. It has also helped me to realize that God does speak through our wives.

After I quit, I never wanted or needed for anything. God provided all of our needs. With that said, quitting that job lead me to another pilot position.

“The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him”. Proverbs 20:7″

Patrick Collins