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A TREASURE OF MEMORIES - The Enjoyable Grind



As the days add up to weeks and the weeks to months and the months to years that are added to my life, my thoughts continue to go back to pleasant memories of the past. I feel compelled to journal them for the sake of my family and friends that come after me in order that they may see that the most important thing in life is relationships and the memories that result.


Some thoughts have to do with me being the catalyst of someone else having experiences that lead to pleasant memories and some thoughts have to do with someone else being the catalyst of me having an experience that leads to pleasant memories.


My first journal is of the latter. It was a time during our life that we had a popup camping trailer. It was an old trailer that had sat beside someone’s garage for over two years and the wheels had rotted flat on the bottom. The canvas was somewhat strong, but the threading was rotten and the seams would split to the touch. We replaced the wheels and the canvas and reworked the top to prevent leaks.


We used the camper many weekends at Raccoon Lake and Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. But the memory I write about today is about the Burgess Reunion that was being held at Aunt Florence and Uncle Bert’s farm in Michigan. I believe it was one of the last reunions held there.


We had departed Champaign in the afternoon and began our drive north and east. We arrived after dark at the farm and had to put the camper up in the dark. But the first item of business was to relieve the long-neglected kidneys. As we climbed the stairs to the bathroom we passed the bedrooms on either side of the hallway. From the left, Uncle Pete offered greetings and on the right, Uncle Arlen did the same. From both sides of the hallway came the familiar croaking of the bullfrogs bellowing in the night.


As I exited from the bathroom and went back downstairs and outside to complete the erection of the camper, the uncles followed with flashlights to assist.


I look back in this incident, which in the span of my lifetime represents such a short period and reflect on what it meant to me. It meant that my uncles loved me very much and were happy to see me. I have been blessed that all my uncles and aunts loved me and treated me as if I was their very own.

Matthew 6:21 says,For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


As more and more of my family and friends leave this life and settle into their promised mansions, I accumulate more and more treasure.

I am really enjoying life here and am not in any hurry to leave, but I am really looking forward to seeing those guys again.

Dwayne Collins

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