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Best Specialty Coffee from Around the World delivered to your door. Coffee lovers, try our specialty coffee from 24 different countries. Find YOUR favorite!

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Best Specialty Coffee from Around the World delivered to your door. Coffee lover? Try specialty coffee from 24 different countries.

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Best Specialty Coffee from Around the World delivered to your door. Coffee lovers, try specialty coffee from 24 different countries. Find YOUR favorite!

About Us

I began drinking coffee almost sixty years ago but just considered the morning cup as something to start my day. Then I began traveling and found there was more to coffee than a lukewarm, light brown liquid. So I began searching, continually trying different brews, coffee makers, and grinds to find the one that satisfies my taste. My quest has led me here. It gave me the desire to share some of my discoveries with others…and that, that is The Enjoyable Grind!

  • Selected Coffee Beans
    Selected Coffee Beans
    Our coffees go through a rigorous selection and quality-testing process, and we only share the coffees that have most captured our imaginations.
  • Coffee Brewing
    Coffee Brewing
    During my journey, I have tried percolators, drips, espresso, French press, Kuerig, and several others. I have tried different types, varieties, and roasts.
  • Coffee Blend
    Coffee Blend
    Blends are as secret as the Cocoa Cola formula and consists of two or more coffees blended together to create a unique flavor.
  • Free Shipping
    Free Shipping
    We ship via USPS. Standard rates given at a time of checked out - based on weight and location. Free Shipping is available for orders of $50 or more.
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When you open your eyes for the first time each morning, you probably look forward to that first cup of coffee to help get your day started. Waking up to find that you have run out of coffee can be devastating. Utilizing The Enjoyable Grind subscription plan will eliminate the possibility of that happening.

With some subscription plans, the roaster selects assorted coffees for you. But with The Enjoyable Grind subscription plan, you select the coffee, and amount, and the frequency of your shipment

How to subscribe to our coffee:


Pick up your coffee. Not sure what you like? You can always change it later. We’re flexible.


Tell us how often you want it delivered. Going on vacation? You can pause and restart your subscription at any time.


Subscribe today. It’s a good move.

Swiss Water Method

The Enjoyable Grind coffees are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, which is a non-solvent based process.  The Swiss Water Process is a chemical-free water decaffeination process pioneered in Switzerland in 1933 and was introduced to the market in 1988. With this process, chemicals are not added directly or indirectly to extract the caffeine.

Our dedication to coffee ensures we’re also dedicated to the pursuit of crafting amazing coffee without caffeine. We’re constantly innovating, learning, and improving our decaffeination techniques for precisely removing caffeine. Now, go grab a coffee, and let’s get to know each other better….

Our Customers


A Treasure of Memories

As the days add up to weeks and the weeks to months and the months to years that are added to my life, my thoughts continue to go back to pleasant memories of the past. I feel compelled to journal them for the sake of my family and friends that come after me in order that they may see that the most important thing in life is relationships and the memories that result. [READ MORE...]

Father’s Choice

Yesterday was my 23 rd wedding anniversary and I realized how important my marriage has been on the role that I have as a father to my boys. I remember about 8 years ago sitting at my table contemplating quitting a job because I was not able to be at home enough to be a father to my kids. [READ MORE...]  


As Americans, we are living in sad times. Our country is divided, and our people are hurting. Each of us needs words of encouragement from time to time, and I want to make this space available for our customers to write about times they have been encouraged by others, or just words that may encourage others. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”



"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord."  Psalms 31:24 NIV We had dreamed of moving to Texas for a long time. The military base where I worked was being closed, and my job would be ending. I was following through with two excellent leads, and had an interview and a physical exam. But for some reason, God had other plans. We moved to upstate New York.


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